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When couples take a trip down the aisle and say, “I do,” they rarely expect their marital bliss will end in divorce. Unfortunately, for many, divorce is a painful reality. Although divorce is never an easy experience for anyone to endure, some situations are more complex and require skilled legal guidance.

At E. Evan Cope, PLLC in Murfreesboro, our complex divorce attorney can help you navigate the obstacles and difficulties involved in your complex divorce. A lot is at stake in a divorce case, so you need to seek the very best guidance to ensure your assets and interests are effectively protected.

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What is a Complex Divorce Case in Tennessee?

Most divorce cases involve the same key issues, such as child custody and asset division. A complex divorce will fundamentally involve the same issues, though the factors involve often substantially complicate matters.

Below are some issues that can make a divorce complex:

  • Hidden assets, including money in offshore accounts, undervalued businesses, and underreported income
  • High net worth, including trust funds, businesses, stocks, and other high-value assets
  • Domestic abuse, including physical abuse, financial abuse, and sexual assault
  • Complex child custody issues
  • Substantial debts

A divorce can become particularly complex when a spouse becomes uncooperative or engages in bad behavior, especially when it comes to marital assets and finances. Under these circumstances, you will need the assistance of a forensic accountant and outside investigator to protect your interests. The judge on your case may also intervene to restrict your spouse’s behavior.

As you can see, if you have a complex divorce, retaining skilled legal counsel is crucial. At E. Evan Cope, PLLC, our experienced complex divorce attorney frequently handles such cases and can provide the knowledgeable legal support you need to navigate these tricky issues.

Providing The Skilled Legal Representation You Need For Complex Divorce

If you are going through a complex divorce, hiring a knowledgeable legal advocate to represent your case is essential. A lot is at stake under these circumstances, including your assets, custody of your children, and more, so you must not gamble with your future.

At E. Evan Cope, PLLC in Murfreesboro, our complex divorce attorney is committed to assisting clients through some of the most difficult cases and securing the best possible results for their situation. With our team on your side, you can feel confident in the future and your ability to smoothly begin this new chapter in your life. The sooner you speak to our attorney, the better your chances of a favorable outcome will be.

Going through divorce? Contact us at (615) 640-4241 to set up an initial consultation with our experienced complex divorce attorney and learn more about what we can do to assist you.

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